Kusadasi – Cave of Zeus

Rental Car Kusadasi Cave of Zeus 01The Cave of Zeus, visited by countless tourists each year, is located in Guzelcamli district. It is a mystical cave hidden from view as it is surrounded by flowers and trees. There is a wish tree near the entrance, covered with cloth pieces by the tourists. It is believed that any wish made while tying a piece of clothing to the branches of the tree, will be granted.

The deep and clear water inside the cave forms a pool, which is used by the locals as well as the tourists for swimming. As drinkable spring water flows into the cave, which also contains salty water from the sea, the mixture of water tastes of carbonated mineral water.

When the weather conditions are too rough to swim in the sea, people swim in the cave, although the water is quite cold due to the spring water flowing into the cave.

The Cave of Zeus is to the left of the road to the National Park in Guzelcamli. You can get there through the Kusadasi-Soke highway, which is about 25 km away from Kusadasi.