Kusadasi – Ephesus Convention Centre

Rental Car Kusadasi Ephesus Convention Centre 01Nestled among fragrant pines and spreading olive trees in the wooded hills overlooking the Port of Kusadasi, the Ephesus Convention Centre commands expansive views of the shimmering Aegean, stretching far to the horizon where the turquoise sea meets the blue sky.

This ancient landscape with its beaches and secluded coves, its pine forests and riverbeds, and rough terrain dotted with rocky outcroppings where hardy wild agave plants stand as tall as a grown person, is blessed with over 300 sunny days every year.

The same golden Aegean sun that bathes the artifacts of bygone civilizations in a warm light nurtures these rugged hills and fertile valleys that are home to the region’s famed vineyards. Nearby Urla produces wines that have earned praise from the world’s leading wine expert, Robert Parker, who rated them ‘‘outstanding’’.

Also close by is the traditional Aegean village of Sirince where, in addition to the usual red and white wines, they also make apple, apricot, blackberry, blueberry, mulberry, peach, quince, sour Morello cherry and strawberry wines.

The Ephesus Convention Centre itself is in a setting of great beauty, in the cleft of two wooded hills facing the Aegean, and the grounds of this world-class, purpose-built facility cover 50,000 square meters (538,195 sq. ft.) of developed land that is impeccably landscaped, offering you the option of planning a variety of al fresco events and even outdoor exhibitions, combined with an equally expansive 43,000 square meters (462,680 sq. ft.) of usable indoor space.

45-minutes from Izmir Adnan Menderes International Airport, and 10-minutes from the Port of Kusadasi, you can get to the Ephesus Convention Center with the car you’re booking on Rental Car Kusadasi.