Kusadasi – Kursunlu Monastery

Rental Car Kusadasi Kursunlu ManastiriLocated on the side of a slope at an altitude of 600 meters, the Monastery of Kursunlu is believed to be a Byzantine orthodox monastery built in the 2nd century AD. In the consequence of the immigrations of early Christians, the territory became a prominent religious center. The monastery, with an excellent view of Davutlar and Kusadasi, pretends to be hidden from view among trees.

The location of the monastery was ideal to the Christian monks for escaping from religious persecution and concealing themselves from the attacks of Iconodules. The long distance of the monastery to the nearest settlements provided a safer protection to worship.

Kursunlu Monastery consists of a cellar, a dining room, bedrooms and a kitchen for monks, a small chapel and a necropolis. The ceiling of the chapel was ornamented with the geometrical decorated frescoes from the Iconoclastical period. As the rests were clearly representing the religious events and personalities, it was obviously proven that they belonged to the second half of the 9th century. Painted either on an overcoat or directly on the walls, frescoes were themed on the life of Jesus Christ and the scenes from the gospel.

The monastery is about 12 km to the right of a modest road that the highway linking Davutlar to Soke turns into. You can visit it with the rental car you’ve reserved from Rental Car Kusadasi.