Selcuk – Ruins of Ephesus

Rental Car Kusadasi Ruins of EphesusEphesus is one of the best-preserved Roman cities in Turkey. And it certainly is one of the most beautiful ones.

Once you get to Selcuk with your rental car, you can walk from Selcuk to the archeological site of Ephesus. It would be a thirty-minute walk, but you may want to stop to see the ruins of Artemis along the way. About four kilometers to the west of the ruins is Pamucak Beach.

If you’d like to see a place where you can get a feel for how it was like 2 millennia ago, Ephesus is the right place to visit.

Once you get there, you can visit the ancient sities of, Didyma, Miletus and Priene during the day, or Aphrodisias during the night.

Ruins of Ephesus are about 18 kilometers to the North of Kusadasi. You can reach to the entrance with the rental vehicle you’ll get from Rental Car Kusadasi. You’ll be walking from there.