Selcuk – Sirince

Rental Car Kusadasi SirinceSirince is a beautiful town to the east of Selcuk. It’s renowned for its wines, olive oil, and charming boutique hotels. Although Sirince has become a relatively well-known touristic place for quite some time, it still is a village. As Sirince is a small village, it might be easy to miss it during the busy months of tourism.

Although the tourist buses aren’t permitted to enter the village, they go up the hills for sightseeing and you can see tourist groups wandering with their cameras. But when the day-trippers go away, especially in the evening, Sirince becomes a small, quiet village once again.

Some of the village houses have been restored and reopened as restaurants and inns with beautiful rooms and suites to stay. This makes Sirince a nice place to relax and spend time exploring the Ephesus region. Once you stay there even for one night, you’ll want to visit again.
If you are not staying though, you may want to go for a stroll, take beautiful pictures of the village and scenery, and taste the local cuisine. You may also wish to try the locally grown products such as soaps, traditional sweets, etc.

You can get to Sirince from Selcuk, which is about 20 km to the North of Kusadasi. It should not take more than 45 minutes with your rental car you’ve reserved from Rental Car Kusadasi